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TL & LTL freight Transportation

TL and LTL delivery anywhere in the Chicago area same day, next day, any day shipping.

TL & LTL on time critical freight

Time critical shipments within your timeframe: same day, next day, and any day.

Lift gate pickup & delivery

Hydraulic lift gate & jack pallet service
on all TL & LTL freight shipments.

TL & LTL expedited freight shipping

Same day, next day, any day shipping. Fast deliveries on extremely short turn-around, even on Saturday and Sunday.

Long haul truck shipments

Long haul truckload freight can be picked up the same day and delivered on the same day.

Trade Show Shipping

Quality and on time Trade show shipping.

Dedicated trucks

Dedicated transportation solutions tailored to your business needs.

Shipping in Chicago


Full truckload freight shipment from Chicago to Rockford.
1 skid/ pallet from Carol Stream Illinois to Carol Stream $30.

Long haul shipments


Full Truckload shipments from Chicago to Wisconsin.

dedicated trucking company

A&M Quality Transport can provide a dedicated truck just for you! Contracting a dedicated truck prevents late deliveries. NO MORE late deliveries, your shipping will be...On Time Every Time! Call us today and we will dedicate one of our trucks just for your transportation needs.

Call us today at 630.400.4025

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Shipping and freight prices
providing our customers with the lowest TL & LTL freight rates

What rates should I be paying for my freight? We want to make sure you understand all the factors that come into to play when shipping companies create freight rates for your shipments. For your convenience we have created some great answers on how your freight rates are calculated by most shipping companies.

To get a low freight rate know how a freight rate is calculated:
When shipping, freight rates are based on many factors:

1. The weight of your freight

2. The distance your freight is moving

3. The density of the freight being shipped

4. The value of your freight

5. The handling and loading needs for your freight

The rules of shipping can be very overwhelming and to keep things running smoothly in your company you need to know these factors:
One of the most important factors is to know how your product is defined by the trucking industry.
In the transportation and freight shipping industry, different types of products are defined according to their density and value. For example the different types of products could range from big machines to parts to liquids or hazardous materials. Each product type is called a classification. Knowing the class of your freight shipment plays a big role in calculating how much your shipping company will charge you for the shipment of your freight. Each of the shipping class has a rating number assigned. There are eighteen freight classes ranging from 50 to 500. Also this class rating number is related to what the freight material being shipped is made out of and the higher the classification number is the more expansive the freight rate will be for every hundred pounds being shipped. For example if your freight class is 50 the rate will be less than a shipping a 500 class freight. But keep in mind that the more your freight weighs the more your cost per hundredweight decreases. Also its important that you know that for very light shipments, shipping companies will usually have a minimum charge.

Another important factor when determining freight rates is the value of your freight. The more your freight is worth the more expansive it will be to ship it.

Your freight rates are also determined on the handling and loading characteristics. The more careful the handling required, the more expensive the freight rate will be. The price also depends on the form of the mode of transport: if your shipment requires to be moved by a truck, ship, aircraft, lift gate, inside delivery, two person delivery, all of these factors will determine the rate of your freight.

Distance is another important factor for your freight rates. The longer the distance the shipment, the more it will cost you to ship your freight. A lot of shipping companies will charge you per mile. So the further your freight distance is the more it will cost.

The last important factor is researching your shipping company and making sure you are getting what you pay for. Some shipping companies might offer you the best rates but they might not get your freight delivered on time. At A&M Quality Transport we strive to be the top, on time quality carrier for the lowest rates possible.


Please, call us now 630-400-4025 and speak to one of our live freight professional and give us the chance to prove to you why we are the best freight company to handle all of your shipping needs.







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