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Every day A&M Quality Transport carrier will post new specials. In addition to our already low prices on transportation we offer daily specials on TL or LTL freight. The special offers could be discounted pricing on TL truckload or LTL truckload freights. Check back often to view our truckload special of the day.

Shipping in Chicago


Full truckload freight shipment from Chicago to Rockford.
1 skid/ pallet from Carol Stream Illinois to Carol Stream $30.

Long haul shipments


Full Truckload shipments from Chicago to Wisconsin.

dedicated trucking company

A&M Quality Transport can provide a dedicated truck just for you! Contracting a dedicated truck prevents late deliveries. NO MORE late deliveries, your shipping will be...On Time Every Time! Call us today and we will dedicate one of our trucks just for your transportation needs.

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January 2010

We eliminated the fuel surcharge for the longest time to keep our prices down and to make our customers satisfied but unfortunately at this time of our unstable economy we are forced to add a fuel surcharge. While all the companies charged a fuel surcharge of up to 35%, A&M Quality Transport Inc, did not until May of 2008 when the price of diesel went up to $ 4.59 per gallon, we were forced to add a minimal fuel surcharge to each shipment. Fuel surcharge is essential to the survival of the nation’s most trucking companies.

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How to keep your freight costs down

Helpfull tips on LTL Freight Shipping

April, 2017

Latest diesel prices - National average on-highway diesel price as of: 03-12-2017 - 1.609


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